LIXIL Minimalistic Design
Window with only necessary element for functionality
Extreme simplicity gives distinctive appearance


Introduction to Doors & Windows

Doors and windows are the most basic components of a house. Many people tend to overlook this part, because it may seem like a simple and non-important thing. However, doors and windows are actually a key helper that promotes the appearance of the house to make the style go well with the concept set and […]

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INTHAMARA 29: From Classic Estate to Modern Space

“This house was built upon a combination of classic styles admired by the father and simply modern design, which Aoun, the owner, likes. That’s why the house turned out to be a modern-style house while conveying a sense of classic details,” said Benz – Narucha Kuwatanaphasir, the architect of the project. Calling it as “a […]

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House 362 When Simplicity Speaks Through Architecture

“For me, the challenge for designing this house was that the owner didn’t have any special requirement, neither sizes nor architectural designs. This was the challenge and difficulty when designing HOUSE 362,” said Jun Sekino, the architect of the project. If talking about the meaning of ‘simplicity,’ various definitions and scopes of meanings will surely […]

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