Recognized as the industry leading brand in Japan for global housing and building materials, TOSTEM provides a comprehensive range of solutions to ensure our winning advantage in a highly on over a half-century of experience and expertise in developing innovative technology that anticipates not only the needs of society tomorrow, but the needs of clients and consumers here and now.

TOSTEM engages in the product development, manufacturing and marketing of such diverse products as window sash, entrance doors, and exterior products, to realize one single, simple concept that we call ”Aesthetic Housing Envelope”.

At TOSTEM, our focus in on enhancing product design and providing intelligent functionality, to provide solutions that deliver additional comfort to people’s living spaces and help make the house a home.


Design creates culture. Culture shapes value. Value determines the future.

Despite being designed specifically for high-rise buildings, the doors are also suitable for low-rise residences. The variety of door designs allows greater freedom for architects and interior designers’ imagination. The designs encompass different types of windows such as slide doors, swing door, awning doors, and angular sliding doors, all of which can be freely connected to fix windows