A Simple House for Fundamental Happiness
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Location: SCG Training and Development Center of Taluang, Saraburi Province

Architect: Creative & Design Office (CDO) by Mr. Akkarin Somkijrungroj

Photographer: Jinnawat Boriharnkijanan

If talking about ‘comforts’ that should come with every house, deliberately designed spaces within a house are important as they will maximize the happiness of the residents with embracing architectural details. As well for this house, a two-storey house set surrounding by greenery within SCG Training and Development Center, it was designed by “Mr.Akkarin Somkijrungroj,” an architect from Creative & Design Office (CDO). He has transformed the house into an airy look with relaxing atmosphere to suit the best needs of the several key residents, moving in and out from time to time.

“This house is one of the houses provided for high-level executives of Siam Cement Group and is regularly visited by their family and visitors. One key thing is, residents of the house will always move in and out when their business position changed, so we will definitely not know any specific requirement of any of them,” shared Mr. Akkarin about the design challenged for this project. What is important is to find the center that can make every resident feel comfort and suit their needs when visited by a guest. This is why the house turns out with a spacious seating area and living room simply decorated with moderate styles.

Transparent to light and welcoming to nature

For the interior design, the architect chose to design a double space or a space that is open to the second floor in the center of the house, and an open plan to connect all functions of the living room, the dining room and the kitchen to those large floor-to-ceiling openings. As the house is facing the North, it completely allows natural light and gives the airy sense of the space to support groups of visitors.

Spacious dining room and kitchen, which are connected.

Double space to make the interior look airy.

The doorway leading to the second floor looks like a bridge that connects both bedrooms set on the left and right, and it is an area where the resident can see every motion within the house. Moreover, the resident can also feel the natural sense from the communal garden through the wide windows.

Experiencing comfortable, relaxing, and airy residential area with spacious designed space.

Darker outside, lighter inside.

As this house is not owned by anyone, it is quite challenging to make everyone feel comfort when living in. Therefore, the architect chose to paint the exterior with darker colors for elegant look of executives with different color used inside. The interior comes with white walls matching with wood pieces to suit everyone’s needs, as well as being on the eye to make the residents feel relaxed after work.

Feel the sense of nature at every step.

With surrounding greenery of the front yard and the communal garden of SCG Training and Development Center of Thaluang, in order to specialize and set every single space close to nature, the architect was responsible to specify suitable sizes and positions of the closings and openings, including doors or windows. This is the reason why we chose TOSTEM. Apart from customized aluminum-frame doors and windows, there is also a wide range of choices with attractive patterns that can go along with the style of the house.

For example, the corner glass window in the front bedroom is intentionally designed to open to the nature with flawless beauties and no worries of leakage. With the Japanese standards, TOSTEM offers doors and windows that fulfill the functions of the house.

The living room is decorated with Skylight technique, offering a suitable length of window to match with movable furniture like sofa.

TOSTEM best fulfills the requirements of door and window leakage prevention based on in-depth researches and attentive designs, altogether with standardized aluminum manufacturing system. According to this result, the residents will not have to worry about the leakage problem. Moreover, as most executives are travelling all the time, the worry-free standards of the products ensure the residents that the house will be safe during their absence with intelligent multi door lock system,” said Mr. Akarin about the background of the large sliding doors used throughout the house.

TOSTEM special lever handle lock

TOSTEM specially supporting lock system for sliding doors

To gather a party and offer a warm welcome to the visitors, another function of the door is to connect to the surrounding terrace and allow wind to flow through the house for comforts of the residents.

The airy sense can be felt throughout the house. Every single detail is easy on the eye. Though it is fundamental for every house, it was challenging in designing this house that need to best suit the residential executives’ needs with attractive appearance and interior functions that offer a warm welcome to the visitors.

Thank you

“Creative & Design Office”
Mr.Akkarin Somkijrungroj,


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