Introduction to Doors & Windows
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Doors and windows are the most basic components of a house. Many people tend to overlook this part, because it may seem like a simple and non-important thing. However, doors and windows are actually a key helper that promotes the appearance of the house to make the style go well with the concept set and help create spaces based on required functions.

Then, when it comes to the time of choosing doors and windows, we might not know where to start. Let’s take a look at each type of doors and windows we provide you today. When you choose, you may first consider from the opening types, and see if the appearance and function suit your needs. The design will automatically come after that.


Swing Door

Swing door is the most basic type of all. So, its panel designs do matter to match with the house’s style and required privacy level. What is good about this type of opening is that it is easy to use and can be widely open as you wish. However, we need to concern about the space for its swing and make sure that nothing will block its way, and that it will not block any space when it remains open at the same time.

Swing Bifold Door

Swing bifold door is a single swing door or window that is divided into two in order to save the space when it’s open. If each panel of the swing bifold door has the size equivalent to that of the single swing door, the size of that entrance will be doubled. However, when there are two panels, the installation process will be twice from the single one, and hinge positions of the two panels must be the same to make it look beautiful.

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Pivot Door

Pivot doors are mostly found as a partition to connect between two rooms rather than being the main entrance. This is because the fulcrum located at the center allows the door to open to only 90 degrees. Normally, a pivot door contains two or more panels to widen the by pass. However, you can use only one panel for the entrance or exit as well, but the balance of the panel must be shifted from the fulcrum to the edge of the panel. These installation details should be discussed with technical experts who can offer you the detailed calculation and installation for the best outcomes.

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Vertical Pivot Window

Vertical pivot window is normally used as a window, because it could be open only a quarter turn. A strong lock system can help to hold the panel so that we can open it to different angles as required.

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Accordion Door

One good thing for this accordion door is that it can be open to connect two spaces with nothing blocking your way. It is mostly used in a room set adjacent to the garden, or a room that offers limited space. However, we suggest you install the accordion door with two door guides—on the ceiling and the floor, to prevent it from swinging and to support its performance throughout the time of usage.

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Top-Hung Sliding Door

Top-hung sliding door gives us a feeling of a barn. One good thing is that no floor guides required. So, when it’s open, the room would look smooth throughout with nothing blocking your eyes. What is not good about this type of doors is that, if the door panel is too heavy, while the ceiling guides are not good enough, along with lengthy usage, the door may become stuck faster than it should be.

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Just move the hinge from the side to the top can turn a normal window into an awning. This type of window is suitable for air ventilation and prevention of strong sunlight reflection. A key suggestion is that strong accessories, i.e. hinges, must be used, because they will be the only thing to hold the whole panel of the window.

Shutter Window

Shutter window normally comes with wooden louvers for airy feel and ability to ventilate hot air through the gap between them. Due to this reason, shutter window is suitable for being a partition to separate indoor and outdoor spaces. Shutter window consists two weight supporting portions, which are hinges and side door guides to control the height when it’s open. Undoubtedly, lock accessories used with this door type must be strong.

Louver Window

Glass louver windows are widely known, yet there are also wooden louver windows as well. The main function for this type of window is to ventilate the air inside a room. The width of louver windows is limited due to the weight of each glass pane. The wider and heavier it is, the stronger accessories are required. However, one weakness of the louver windows is that the glass panes can be removed easily, so it may not be secure to be used for exterior decorations.

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Apart from openable windows, there are windows that cannot be open as well, which we call fixed windows. This type of window is normally installed to allow natural light inside the house. Apart from a general fixed window, there is also a fixed window specifically attached to the main entrance of a house called ‘Sidelight’. Originally, it was used to be a window that allow people to see what’s going on outside, but it is currently used as a decorative detail. Moreover, this sidelight also creates beautiful appearance and allows more natural light inside the house.

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