INTHAMARA 29: From Classic Estate to Modern Space
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“This house was built upon a combination of classic styles admired by the father and simply modern design, which Aoun, the owner, likes. That’s why the house turned out to be a modern-style house while conveying a sense of classic details,” said Benz – Narucha Kuwatanaphasir, the architect of the project.

Calling it as “a perfect difference” may not be inaccurate if talking about this matching of the two extremely contrast styles, modern and classic, within the house of Aoun – Vasu Laojariyaku. At the beginning, Aoun wanted to build a bridal house on the land of the family. He first intended to disassemble the classic-style house adjacent to his father’s and replace it with a modern-style one. However, his father suggested he remain classic senses in his new home.

That was the turning point, making Aoun change his mind. He decided to renovate the house instead of pulling it down to keep some senses of the old house esteemed by his father. For this project, Benz – Narucha Kuwatanaphasir, a gifted architect from I like design studio has undertaken the responsibility to perfectly combine the two different styles, making the house to be fully-flavored in all details.

“From the design to the construction process until today, we’ve been accustomed to calling the house as “Baan 29” after the Inthamara Alley 29. For the design part, if talking about the owner’s styles and requirements, there was no problem about it, because we have similar tastes, like modern styles or minimalism. We both like white houses that look clean. So, when it came to the design part, it was quite easy. Maybe because we’ve known each other before, so I know his requirements and styles to some levels. For the challenges in design, it is certainly about how to make the classic go along with the modern. At last, we decided to keep the former structure and add modern elements.

(Enlarging the spacious terrace for practical usage upon the old structure.)

(Keeping the structure of the old posts to support the balcony on the second floor.)

After deciding to create a house that combines two styles, the designer has removed the flooring materials and kept only the frames of the house and its many posts outside, which are a language of the classic style, to tell the stories of the house of the father and the house of the son when looking from outside. Frameless glass windows were placed behind the posts to angle them, making the house look easy on the eye. Moreover, when the flooring was removed, the ceiling looks modernly higher, resulting in continual double spaces with a use of metals to support the structure.

(Large openings in the living room allow natural light and winds.)

(Openings installed in all directions to create an airy atmosphere for the space.)

Double spaces in the living room were created from the continuity of the design of function and space at the size of 6.0 x 10.0 meters, which is a proportion limited by the structure of the old house. As a result, the rhythm and size of the opening must be wide and large to suit the size of the house. They are also open for sunlight coming from the East at the front door, supporting the enlargement of the new terrace, which is wider than the old one, with the second-floor balcony that was changed from a classic canopy to perfect eaves.

(The decoration theme was mainly limited to the white color by using marble tiles: easy to clean with modern and luxurious look.)

(Providing more openings at the landing of the stairs to make it more comfortable.)

Selection of materials to keep the classic senses is also important. On the first day they dissembled the old house, they had collected some old materials like the roof and wood, because the colors and natural traits will help connect the stories between this house and the father’s house placed next to it. For the design to make it look more modern, the designer decided to focus on removing some classic details, like the moldings; not the whole, but a reduction of millworks, and changing of all the doors’ and windows’ frames to aluminum for a neater look of the house.

(The designer mentioned that the storage area needs to contain a large number of items, because modern houses need to be neat and simple. As a result, this house has a lot of storage places with different styles, including cabinets that were built in the wall and floor-to-ceiling shelves.)

(The glass bridge is also another gimmick of the house. It was made with a purpose to combine the look of the lower and upper floors.)

“I was the one suggesting Mr. Aoun use TOSTEM, because I’ve used TOSTEM in my past design works before. After using, I felt that their products meet the standards and the set quality, and the prices are reasonable, so I used them again. The sizes of other openings in the house are standardized by the sizes the brand offers,” added Benz – Narucha Kuwatanaphasir.

Classic structural heritage of the old house and modern look and spaces were combined by design works. Apart from reflecting the tastes of the owner, keeping these tiny decorative details, such as moldings, posts or some other materials, has shown the strong bonds among the family members and created comfortable spaces where everyone can feel loved at every corner of the house.

(Placing awning windows below the mirrors to provide additional features.)

(Specially-designed lock system for convenient and safety use.)

Thank you

Owner: Vasu Laojariyaku

Architect: I like design studio by Narucha Kuwattanaphasir

Photographer: Jinnawat Boriharnkijanan


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