Frame depth 101.6 mm., 120 mm (2 tracks sliding), 178 mm (3 tracks sliding)
Maximum Height of Door 2,500 mm
Height of sill 50 mm
Glass thickness 5 , 6 , 8 mm


Air Tightness

ASTM E283: 10.7m3 / h·m2

Noise Insulation *

JIS: 25 dB

Water Tightness

ASTM E330: 300 Pa

Wind Pressure Resistance

ASTM E330: 2000 Pa


* Sound performance test has been done in JIS standard Controlled environment. Performance will vary by room condition. Please consult with insulation specialist.


Open – Overlapping meeting stiles (4 Panels Sliding)

Close – Overlapping meeting stiles (4 Panels Sliding)

Conceal panel design

Double barrier drainage system

“L-Fit” design hardware