Frame depth 41 mm
Height of sill 35 mm
Glass thickness 5 , 6 mm


Air Tightness

JIS: A-3

Noise Insulation *

Not rated

Water Tightness

JIS: W-1 (100 Pa)

Wind Pressure Resistance

JIS: 500 Pa


The easily adjustable outer-panel lock.

The lock at the upper part of the sliding window panel can be easily adjusted from the room side to prevent the sliding panel from falling.

Airtight Piece

Prevents air and water leakage, as well as preventing irritating dust and smells from getting through.


Prevents finger encampment as well as stock absorption and panel sliding.

Drain Valve

Releases rain water from still to prevent spilling over event during heavy rainstorms.

Bottom Guide

Prevents sliding panel from falling off.

Safety Lock

Double locking with unlock warning device to remind the user to fully lock the window.

Inside Insect Screen

Newly designed, adding easy grip handle.


Frame Depth 41 mm
Maximum Height of Door Standard Type 1600 mm
Large Type 3045 mm
Height of Sill 35 mm
Glass Groove 11 mm
Glass Thickness 5.6 mm
Setting of Sliding Insect Screen