Frame depth ​101.6 mm., 120 mm (2 tracks sliding), 178 mm (3 tracks sliding)
Maximum Height of Door 3,500 mm
Height of sill 50 mm
Glass thickness Up to 31.5 mm




Air Tightness

ASTM E283: 10.7m3 / h·m2

Noise Insulation *

JIS: 25 dB

Water Tightness

ASTM E330: 300 Pa

Wind Pressure Resistance

ASTM E330: 2000 Pa


* Sound performance test has been done in JIS standard Controlled environment. Performance will vary by room condition. Please consult with insulation specialist.


Open – Overlapping meeting stiles (4 Panels Sliding)

Close – Overlapping meeting stiles (4 Panels Sliding)

Conceal panel design

Double barrier drainage system

“L-Fit” design hardware